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What Is in the Toolkit
What Is the Toolkit How to Use the Toolkit

The tools are designed to help you and your community foundation act on the recommendations in On the Brink of New Promise. The starting place for all of what follows is the On the Brink of New Promise Report and its Executive Summary. The tools can be used in many different ways and sequences (some of which are laid out in the instructional Guide to Using the Toolkit), but they fall into four general suites of work:

1. Getting Oriented
An introductory Powerpoint Presentation about the future of community philanthropy that you can use with your board, staff, and community

The Presenter’s Guide walks you through a number of ways that you can use the presentation with your organization and community

The Scenario Discussion Guide offers a playful way to help you start imagining how the future might unfold

2. Considering Your Context
  The Community Change Discussion Guide helps you to stimulate discussion about how your community is changing and what those changes might mean for you

Mapping Your Community Philanthropy Environment aims to help you see your place among other community-based philanthropic organizations that operate in your area

3. Identifying Opportunities
  The Strategic Roles Assessment tool allows you to think about what leadership roles your organization can and should play in your community

Prototyping Community Solutions helps you to brainstorm about what it would actually take to address critical needs in your community

4. Keeping It Fresh
  The Renewing Strategy worksheet provides some integrating questions to draw together your learning from other exercises

Monitoring Local Change suggests simple ways your organization can build its capacity to continuously watch and assess changes in the environment around your foundation

There are many other resources and tools created by others to address such important issues as governance, finance and business models, accountability, future trends, and community change. Please see the Related Tools section for suggestions.

How to Use the Toolkit
The Future of Community Philanthropy